[Seminar] Telecommunications Research and PhD Opportunities at The University of Newcastle, Australia

Seminar Title: Telecommunications Research and PhD Opportunities at The University of Newcastle, Australia

Presenter: Duy Trong Ngo, Senior Lecturer (equivalent to Associate Professor in US and Canada), the School of Electrical Engineering and Computing, The University of Newcastle, Australia.

Time: 3:00 PM 29/11/2017

Location: Meeting room, PTIT Campus, 11 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Dakao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Google Maps: https://goo.gl/RRPssF

Talk abstract: In this talk, I will share my journey and experience in the higher education sector of Australia. I will try to convince you to take up the “PhD Challenge” at The University of Newcastle. I will then introduce the scholarship process and opportunities at Newcastle. I will conclude the talk with some newest research results of my telecommunications group on Cloud Radio Access Networks.


Duy Trong Ngo received the B.Eng. (with First-class Honours and University Medal) degree in telecommunication engineering from The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia in 2007, the M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering (communication) from University of Alberta, Canada in 2009, and the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from McGill University, Canada in 2013.

Dr. Ngo is currently a Senior Lecturer (equivalent to Associate Professor in US and Canada) with the School of Electrical Engineering and Computing, The University of Newcastle, Australia. He leads a research team that works on some most active areas of the fifth-generation (5G) wireless networks, e.g., cloud radio access networks, mobile edge computing, simultaneous wireless information and power transfer, and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications for intelligent transportation systems.

In 2007, he was an awarded the University Medal in Telecommunications—the highest honour bestowed upon an undergraduate by The University of New South Wales. In 2013, he was awarded two Postdoctoral Fellowships from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and the Fonds de recherche du Quebec – Nature et technologies. At The University of Newcastle, he received the 2015 Vice-Chancellor's Award for Research and Innovation Excellence, the 2015 Pro Vice-Chancellor's Award for Research Excellence, and the 2017 Pro Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence in the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment.

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Thư mời tham dự Chuỗi hội thảo tập huấn về Nghiên cứu và Công bố quốc tế

Nh?m h? tr? các nhà nghiên c?u, gi?ng viên và các nhà qu?n lý có thêm ph??ng pháp và công c? h?u ích th?c hi?n các ?? tài nghiên c?u khoa h?c & công b? qu?c t?, c?ng c? v? th? c?a Vi?t Nam trên b?n ?? Nghiên c?u khoa h?c trên th? gi?i trong giai ?o?n 2017 – 2020, C?c Thông tin khoa h?c và công ngh? qu?c gia xin trân tr?ng g?i t?i quý ??n v? Th? m?i tham d? ch??ng trình “Chu?i h?i th?o t?p hu?n v? Nghiên c?u & Công b? qu?c t?” do C?c Thông tin ph?i v?i Công ty Innovative Education Services t? ch?c cho các cán b? làm nghiên c?u, gi?ng viên, nghiên c?u sinh t?i các tr??ng ??i h?c và vi?n nghiên c?u trên toàn qu?c.

1. Th?i gian và ??a ?i?m:

Chu?i h?i th?o t?p hu?n ???c ti?n hành trong vòng 3 tháng t? tháng 10 ??n  tháng 12 n?m 2017

Th?i l??ng: 6 ngày ?ào t?o t?p trung và h? tr? tr?c tuy?n trong su?t th?i gian ?ào t?o (3 tháng)

??a ?i?m & Th?i gian t? ch?c ??t 1 – tháng 10/2017

Hà N?i: T? ngày 23 ??n ngày 24 tháng 10 n?m 2017

TP H? Chí Minh: T? ngày 26 ??n ngày 27 tháng 10 n?m 2017

(??t 2 và ??t 3 d? ki?n t? ch?c t? 23 ??n 26 tháng 11 và tháng 12 n?m 2017)

2. N?i dung t?ng quan

Chu?i h?i th?o t?p hu?n Nghiên c?u & Công b? qu?c t? R123 là ch??ng trình ?ào t?o tích h?p h? tr? toàn b? chu trình ti?n hành nghiên c?u, bao g?m: Vi?t bài – Xu?t b?n/Công b? qu?c t? & Qu?ng bá các công trình nghiên c?u. Ch??ng trình h??ng t?i m?c tiêu cung c?p cho các nhà nghiên c?u các k? n?ng: Th?c hi?n nghiên c?u hi?n ??i; T?i ?u hoá ch?t l??ng công trình nghiên c?u ??m b?o ?áp ?ng các tiêu chu?n h?c thu?t qu?c t? nghiêm ng?t trong xu?t b?n các công trình nghiên c?u; Xây d?ng chi?n l??c xu?t b?n hi?u qu? – Bí quy?t vi?t bài và công b? qu?c t?; H? tr? t?ng tính nh?n di?n qu?c t? cho các nghiên c?u ?ã có công b? qu?c t?; T?ng tính kh? thi trong nghiên c?u và ??i m?i th??ng m?i hoá t?i các ??n v? nghiên c?u; H? tr? các tr??ng ??i h?c ??t th? h?ng cao thông qua nghiên c?u ch?t l??ng.

(Chi ti?t Anh/Ch? vui lòng check file ?ính kèm: ? ?ây)

?? t?o thu?n l?i cho công tác chu?n b?, kính ?? ngh? Quý các t? ch?c và cá nhân g?i phi?u ??ng ký theo m?u kèm theo v? cho Ban t? ch?c tr??c ngày 10/10/2017 ?? ti?n hành các th? t?c c?n thi?t.

M?i thông tin chi ti?t, xin vui lòng liên h?:

C?c Thông tin khoa h?c và công ngh? qu?c gia.

Bà: Tr?n Th? Kiên;  Mobile: 0987 799 270

??a ch? : 24-26 Lý Th??ng Ki?t, Qu?n Hoàn Ki?m, Hà N?i

?i?n tho?i: (04) 39349Fax: (04) 39349127

Email:  daotao@vista.gov.vn

Website: http://www.igroupnet.com/r123vn

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[Call For Paper] Hội nghị Khoa học quốc gia lần thứ X – FAIR’10

H?i ngh? Khoa h?c qu?c gia l?n th? X – FAIR’10 v? Nghiên c?u c? b?n và ?ng d?ng Công ngh? thông tindo Liên hi?p các H?i Khoa h?c và K? thu?t Vi?t Nam, Vi?n Hàn lâm Khoa h?c và Công ngh? Vi?t Nam ph?i h?p cùng Tr??ng ??i h?c S? ph?m, ??i h?c ?à N?ng t? ch?c trong khuôn viên Tr??ng ??i h?c S? ph?m, ??i h?c ?à N?ng vào hai ngày th? N?m và th? Sáu, 17-18/8/2017.

M?t s? m?c th?i gian quan tr?ng c?a H?i th?o nh? sau:

– N?p tóm t?t: 15/05/2017.

– N?p toàn v?n: 15/06/2017.

– Thông báo ch?p nh?n: 15/07/2017.

(Khuy?n khích Quý th?y cô, nhà khoa h?c n?p toàn v?n càng s?m càng t?t ?? t?o thu?n l?i cho công tác t? ch?c, ph?n bi?n,…)

M?i thông tin liên quan ??n Thông báo c?ng nh? H?i ngh? s? ???c ??ng t?i t?i website chính th?c c?a FAIR http://fair.conf.vn/ và website qu?n lý h?i th?o khoa h?c c?a Tr??ng ??i h?c S? ph?m, ??i h?c ?à N?ng http://conf.ued.udn.vn/ht/145.

Ho?c c?n s? b?t k? s? h? tr? nào, mong nh?n ???c s? liên h? v?i:

– Liên quan ??n vi?c t? ch?c ? ??a ph??ng: ThS. Ph?m D??ng Thu H?ng (hangpdt@ued.udn.vn/ 0905 121 281).

– Liên quan ??n vi?c g?i bài và bài vi?t: PGS. TS. Tr?n V?n L?ng (langtv@vast.vn/ 0903 938 036).

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[Seminar] Enabling technologies for Emergency Management Systems: Distributed Autonomous and Resilient EMS

Title: Enabling technologies for Emergency Management Systems: Distributed Autonomous and Resilient EMS

Presenter: Professor Muhammad Ali Imran –  University of Glasgow

Time: 5th September Tuesday

Location: 11 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Dakao Ward, Dist. 1, HCMC

Abstract: In this presentation, we will explore the role of Self Organised Networking to enable the Distributed Autonomous and Resilient Emergency Management Systems (EMS) in the untoward events of natural and human caused disasters. We will explore the current work on joint RAN and backhaul optimisation in a self-organised manner and several self-healing concepts. We will also explore the future directions in this area.


Professor Muhammad Ali Imran (M’03, SM’12) received his M.Sc. (Distinction) and Ph.D. degrees from Imperial College London, UK, in 2002 and 2007, respectively. He is a Professor in Communication Systems in University of Glasgow, Vice Dean of Glasgow College UESTC and Program Director of Electrical and Electronics with Communications. He is an Affiliate Professor at the University of Oklahoma, USA and a visiting Professor at 5G Innovation centre, University of Surrey, UK, where he has worked previously from June 2007 to Aug 2016.

He has led a number of multimillion-funded international research projects encompassing the areas of energy efficiency, fundamental performance limits, sensor networks and self-organising cellular networks. In addition to significant funding from EPSRC, RCUK, Qatar NRF, EU FP7/H2020, he has received direct industrial funding from leading industries in Communications: Huawei, Sony, IBM, DSTL, British Telecom, He also lead the new physical layer work area for 5G innovation centre at Surrey. He has a global collaborative research network spanning both academia and key industrial players in the field of wireless communications. He has supervised 25+ successful PhD graduates and published over 300 peer-reviewed research papers.  He secured first rank in his B.Sc. and a distinction in his M.Sc. degree along with an award of excellence in recognition of his academic achievements conferred by the President of Pakistan. He has been awarded IEEE Comsoc’s Fred Ellersick award 2014, Sentinel of Science Award 2016, FEPS Learning and Teaching award 2014 and twice nominated for Tony Jean’s Inspirational Teaching award. He is a shortlisted finalist for The Wharton-QS Stars Awards 2014, Reimagine Education Awards 2016 for innovative teaching and VC’s learning and teaching award in University of Surrey. He is a senior member of IEEE and a Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy (SFHEA), UK.

He has given an invited TEDx talk (2015) and more than 10 plenary talks, several tutorials and seminars in international conferences and other institutions. He has taught on international short courses in USA and China. He is the co-founder of IEEE Workshop BackNets 2015 and chaired several tracks/workshops of international conferences. He is an associate Editor for IEEE Communications Letters, IEEE Open Access and IET Communications Journals.

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[REV-ECIT 2017] Thư mời nộp bài Hội nghị Quốc gia về Điện tử, Truyền thông và Công nghệ Thông tin

H?i Vô tuy?n ?i?n t? Vi?t Nam (REV) ph?i h?p v?i H?c Vi?n Công Ngh? B?u Chính Vi?n Thông t? ch?c “H?i ngh? Qu?c gia v? ?i?n t?, Truy?n thông và Công ngh? Thông tin” (National Conference on Electronics, Communications and Information Technology, vi?t t?t là REV-ECIT) trong hai ngày 14 và 15 tháng 12 n?m 2017 t?i TP. H? Chí Minh. REV-ECIT là H?i ngh? Khoa h?c Qu?c gia th??ng niên do REV ch? trì.


  • H?n n?p: 30/6/2017
  • H?n thông báo k?t qu?: 30/9/2017
  • H?n n?p b?n in: 30/10/2017
  • Ngày h?i ngh?: 14-15/12/2017

Ch??ng trình H?i ngh? s? bao g?m các ch? ?? bao ph? toàn b? các l?nh v?c v? ?i?n t?, truy?n thông và công ngh? thông tin. Ngoài các phiên k? thu?t, H?i ngh? n?m 2017 s? t? ch?c m?t Di?n ?àn trao ??i v? ?ào t?o, ki?m ??nh ch??ng trình ?i?n t?, Truy?n thông và Công ngh? thông tin ?áp ?ng yêu c?u nhân l?c công ngh? cao. Các tác gi? có th? n?p các k?t qu? nghiên c?u m?i ch?a công b? v? các ch? ??, nh?ng không gi?i h?n, sau:

Ti?u ban Truy?n thông và Vô tuy?n

  • Mô hình kênh truy?n
  • Vô tuy?n nh?n th?c
  • H? th?ng MIMO và OFDM
  • Truy?n thông d??i n??c
  • H? th?ng truy?n thông thu th?p n?ng l??ng
  • Truy?n thông h?p tác và ?ng d?ng
  • M?ng vô tuy?n 5G
  • Lý thuy?t thông tin và mã hóa

Ti?u ban Siêu cao t?n, Anten và Truy?n sóng

  • ?ng-ten & Truy?n sóng
  • Các h? th?ng siêu cao t?n
  • M?ch t??ng t? và s?
  • Các h? th?ng tích h?p

Ti?u ban K? thu?t ?i?n t?

  • Thi?t k? IC
  • H? th?ng nhúng
  • H? th?ng ?i?n t? t? ??ng
  • ?ng d?ng ?i?n t?
  • M?ch và ?ng d?ng cao t?n
  • SOC, SIP, IP

M?ng máy tính và ?i?u khi?n

  • Giao th?c m?ng và truy?n s? li?u
  • M?ng Internet và m?ng không dây
  • Các ?ng d?ng m?ng
  • Các h? th?ng ?i?u khi?n
  • Các h? th?ng vi ?i?u khi?n
  • Các h? máy tính
  • Các h? th?ng ?o l??ng

Ti?u ban X? lý tín hi?u

  • X? lý tín hi?u và ?nh
  • Mã hóa và gi?i mã video
  • X? lý tín hi?u cho truy?n thông
  • Các m?ch x? lý tín hi?u

Ti?u ban Công Ngh? Thông Tin

  • H? th?ng thông tin
  • Công Ngh? Ph?n M?m
  • Trí Tu? Nhân T?o
  • D? li?u l?n
  • An toàn thông tin
  • H?c máy và ?ng d?ng
  • Internet v?n v?t k?t n?i (IoT) và ?ng d?ng
  • X? lý ngôn ng? t? nhiên

Ti?u ban  ?ào t?o ?i?n t?, truy?n thông, và công ngh? thông tin

  • Ch??ng trình ?ào t?o
  • Công c? ph?n m?m ph?c v? ?ào t?o
  • Các bài thí nghi?m, th?c hành
  • Ki?m ??nh và chu?n hóa
  • K? n?ng m?m cho sinh viên

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[CFP]: The 7th International Conference on Integrated Circuits, Design, and Verification (ICDV 2017)

The 7th International Conference on Integrated Circuits, Design, and Verification (ICDV 2017)

October 5-6, 2017 – Hanoi, Vietnam


Hosted by

VNU University of Engineering and Technology
Sponsored by

IEEE SSCS Vietnam Chapter and IEICE Vietnam Section
Participating-Sponsored by

IEEE SSCS Japan Chapter, IEEE SSCS Kansai Chapter, and the Radio-Electronics Association of Vietnam

Accepted and presented papers will be included in the conference proceedings with ISBN and will be submitted to the IEEE.

The International Conference on Integrated Circuits, Design, and Verification (ICDV) provides an annual forum for exchanging ideas, discussing research results, and presenting chips, circuit designs and applications in solid-state and semiconductor fields. Continuous scaling of the CMOS devices increases the number of transistors on a VLSI chip. It will soon reach the level of 10 giga transistors on a single chip, which is equivalent to the total neuron numbers in the human brain. This would certainly provide us a great opportunity for new applications and information processing. On the other hands, the small feature size causes new problems such as leakage current and process variation. To discuss utilizing the scaling advantages and coping with the new problems, we call for contributions about new proposal of application systems, VLSI architectures, and design methodologies as well as the technologies in the integrated circuits and devices field. We expect to this conference explores and stimulates the contributed researches to those subjects. The papers are solicited from prospective authors interested in the related fields.

The ICDV 2017 conference is sponsored by the IEEE SSCS Vietnam and the IEICE Vietnam Section, hosted by VNU University of Engineering and Technology (VNU-UET), and will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam. Further details on the conference, paper submission guidelines, and templates will be updated on the website.
***Important Dates*

Title & abstract submission: July 1, 2017
Full manuscript submission: July 10, 2017
Notification of acceptance: August 30, 2017
Camera-ready submission: September 15, 2017

*** Paper Submission ***

Submission link: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=icdv2017


Prospective authors are invited to submit full-length, maximum six-page manuscripts, including figures, tables and references, to
the official ICDV 2017 website. All papers will be handled electronically. Accepted and presented papers will be included in the conference proceedings with ISBN and will be submitted to the IEEE (the copyright shall be assigned to the IEEE) and will be invited to re-submit an extension to REV Journal on Electronics and Communications (JEC) and VNU Journal of Computer Science and Communication Engineering (JCSCE). Papers are solicited in the following categories, but are not limited to:
1. Digital integrated circuits and signal processing
2. Processors/ multiprocessors
3. Memory design
4. Analog and mixed-signal circuits
5. RF integrated circuits and microwave engineering
6. Circuit technologies
7. Design experience with advanced design technologies
8. Circuits/devices modeling, verification and testing
9. Reconfigurable architectures & FPGA-based designs
10. Embedded systems design
11. IoT related circuits, devices and applications
12. Rebooting computing


General Co-chairs
Xuan-Tu Tran, VNU-UET
Kunio Uchiyama, Hitachi
Ngoc-Binh Nguyen, REV
Ngoc-Nam Pham, HUST

Technical program co-Chairs
Toshimasa Matsuoka, Osaka Uni.
Cong-Kha Pham, Elec.-Comm. Uni.
Van-Phuc Hoang, LQD TU
Loan Pham, HUST

Local Arrangement Chair
Tran Duc Tan, VNU-UET
Kiem-Hung Nguyen, VNU-UET
Duy-Hieu Bui, VNU-UET

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