Ngày hội du học Pháp – Cơ hội trúng vé máy bay đi Pháp


Các b?n thân m?n,
Chào m?ng các b?n ??n v?i Ngày h?i Giáo d?c ??i h?c Pháp "Bienvenue en France !" 2017 di?n ra t? 9h00 ??n 16h00 vào Th? b?y t?i (07.10), t?i khách s?n Rex – 141 Nguy?n Hu?, Q.1, tp.HCM và vào Ch? nh?t (08.10) t?i khách s?n Pullman, 40 Cát Linh, Hà N?i.
?ây là s? ki?n duy nh?t trong n?m ?? các b?n g?p g? ??i di?n 46 tr??ng ??i h?c Pháp
M?i các b?n xem thông tin v? các tr??ng và ??ng kí tham d? ngay hôm nay. Các b?n không ch? ti?t ki?m th?i gian mà còn ???c nh?n m?t ph?n quà t? Ban t? ch?c.
??c bi?t, các b?n s? ???c tham gia b?c th?m trúng th??ng vé máy bay kh? h?i ?i Pháp, m?t khoá h?c ti?ng Pháp 2 tu?n t?i Pháp cùng nhi?u ph?n quà vô cùng h?p d?n !
Ngoài vi?c ??ng kí, các b?n nh? ??t h?n ?? ???c trao ??i tr?c ti?p v?i ??i di?n các tr??ng ! H? s? t? v?n và gi?i ?áp th?c m?c liên quan t?i ch??ng trình ?ào t?o mà b?n quan tâm, h?c phí, ?i?u ki?n d? tuy?n…
R?t ??n gi?n, hãy ??t h?n v?i tr??ng thông qua trang web c?a s? ki?n Bienvenue en France 2017.
A très bientôt !
H?n g?p các b?n t?i " Bienvenue en France ! " 2017? !

??t h?n t?i TP.HCM
??t h?n t?i Hà N?i

Ngày h?i “Bienvenue en France !” 2017

(Ngu?n tin: Vi?n Pháp t?i Vi?t Nam | Institut français du Vietnam)


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[Thông tin học bổng] NdAM Doctoral Programme in Mathematics and/or Applications

INdAM-DP-COFUND-2015  INdAM Doctoral Programme in Mathematics and/or Applications cofunded by Marie Sk?odowska-Curie Actions

PhD student fellowships on Mathematical methods for 5G communications are available at the Turin Doctoral School of Mathematical Science in the framework of the Marie Sk?odowska-Curie Action INdAM-DP-COFUND-2015.

Applicants to the fellowship program must be in the first four years (full-time equivalent research experience) of their career and must not have been awarded a doctoral degree yet. They must also be in possession of a degree, which formally entitles them to embark in a Doctorate in Italy. Targeted candidates hold a MS degree in Mathematics, Physics, Communication Engineering or Computer Science. Basic knowledge of Probability Theory and Information Theory at undergraduate level is mandatory. Computer programming skills are welcome. Familiarity with Matlab/Octave, R and/or Mathematica is a plus.
Selected candidates will carry on research on applied random matrix theory, stochastic geometry and optimization, oriented at wireless network planning and (massive or traditional) MIMO channel modeling.
A competitive salary is offered; a generous mobility budget to attend courses and summer schools in prestigious european mathematical institutes and to participate to conferences and workshops is available. Short and long-term (up to 18 months) secondments in French and German academic institutions are possible, ruled by Marie-Curie actions mobility constraints.
Details on application procedure can be found here. For details please contact Giusi Alfano, Institute of Complex Systems and Condensed Matter Theory, DISAT, Politecnico di Torino. Deadline May 31st, 2017.

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[Thông tin học bổng] Master/PhD student position available in University of Chile

We are looking for highly motivated student toward either Master of Engineering Science or PhD degree to work in a number optional areas of Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, intelligent transportation systems relevant to one or two of two projects FONDEF ID16I10466 and ERANet LAC Project ELAC2015/T10- 0761.
It is possible for a student only with Bachelor degree to directly study toward PhD degree if the student is with some strong backgrounds.
This student will be fully funded including tuition fees and stipends for living in Chile.
The University of Chile is the oldest higher education institution in Chile, and it is a public university with international quality. All the areas of knowledge are elaborated in their lecture halls and today the university is at the top of the Chilean university system with regard to teaching, research, creation and outreach.
The following are expected for the student:

– The student holds or is going to receive a Bachelor or Master degree in Electrical engineering, Computer science, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Computer engineering, or other relevant degrees.
– own specialization in one or more of the following areas, optimization, machine learning,data mining, predication, game theory, predication, energy harvesting, energy efficiency
– A thesis work/publications relevant to the position are a merit
– The successful applicant is expect to have an outstanding academic track record, and well developed analytical and problem solving skills.
– We are looking for a strongly motivated person, who is able to work independently.
– Good command of English orally and in writing is expected to publish and present results at international conferences and in international journals.

The application to be emailed to Associate Professor  Jinsong Wu ( should include :

– a detailed CV
– Bachelor and Master course list with grades or copies of transcripts in English
– publication lists if available
– a statement of research interests
– the names and email addresses of three references

The application deadline is May 2, 2017. Applications will be assessed on an ongoing basis, and the applications will keep open until the position is filled.

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[Thông tin học bổng] Chương trình Thạc sĩ của Đại Học Quốc Tế

Thông tin v? ch??ng trình Th?c s? và h?c b?ng c?a ??i H?c Qu?c t? nh? sau:

  1. Tr??ng s? c?p h?c b?ng h?c Th?c s? nghiên c?u 100%
  2. Nh?n sinh ho?t phí 3.5 tri?u/tháng t? d? án nghiên c?u
  3. H??ng nghiên c?u: wireless communications, wireless network cho sensor network, IoT…

Các b?n sinh viên quan tâm tìm hi?u thông tin v? ch??ng trình h?c và h?c b?ng theo website:

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