Thông tin học bổng của Multimedia University, Malaysia

Call for Graduate Research Assistant (GRA)

Project Description
Foreseeing a world of interconnected AI-empowered Internet of Things (IoT), this project is to build an
Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT). Modern AI algorithms cannot be implemented effectively in the IoT
devices due to their limited computing resources and storage. On the other hand, limited network bandwidth
and latency delay the data transmission and affect the timeliness of training a deep learning model at the cloud
computing center. The research objectives are to (1) implement an energy-efficient AI algorithm on the edge
devices, (2) and to train the learning model effectively despite having only limited amount of data locally. To
achieve these objectives, this project proposes using the (1) Spiking Neural Networks (SNNs) to provide
energy-efficient learning on edge devices, and (2) Federated Learning (FL) to train collaboratively a global
model for the distributed devices.
Source of Funding: Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)
Duration: 2 Years (2021 Sep – 2023 Aug)
Monthly Salary: RM 2000
Location: Faculty of Engineering, Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Benefits of the project (not limited to):

  • Pursue a Master of Engineering Science (M.Eng.Sc.)
  • Publications in conference proceedings and journals


  • Conduct research and publish the findings
  • Deliver the expected project outcomes
  • Perform administrative works assigned by the faculty


  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering with CGPA 3.0 and above.
  • Prior knowledge and skills in embedded system programming, AI, Neural Network, Federated Learning
    algorithms is an advantage
  • Can communicate and write well in English
  • Responsible and responsive
  • Be committed till the project ends

Interested applicants please write to Dr Foo Yee Loo ( with a proper cover letter & CV by 15 Nov 2021. Only shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview.