Hội thảo trực tuyến “InnovaTalk 2023” với chủ đề “ChatGPT and Beyond” của VinFuture Foundation

Greetings from the VinFuture Foundation!

We are pleased to invite you to join the leading AI experts from Google, Microsoft, and VinAI in the upcoming InnovaTalk webinar “ChatGPT and Beyond”.

·    Date & Time: May 14th, 10-11 pm New York time, which corresponds to May 15th, 9-10 am Vietnam time.

·    Topic: ChatGPT and Beyond (Large Language Model and Challenges Ahead)

·    Chair: Dr. Xuedong Huang – Microsoft Azure AI Chief Technology Officer

·    Keynote Speakers:

oDr. Vinton Cerf – Vice President & Chief Internet Evangelist at Google

oDr. Jianfeng Gao – Vice President & Scientist at Microsoft Research

oDr. Hung H. Bui – Founder & CEO at VinAI

·    Location: via Zoom (the webinar link will be provided after your attendance confirmation at the registration link)

·    Audience: Scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs in science and technology across the world

·    Language: English with Vietnamese translation provided.

During the Q&A session, you are strongly encouraged to connect with the speakers and explore potential partnerships. The VinFuture Team is happy to assist you in proposing projects for collaboration after the webinar.

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We look forward to welcoming and speaking to you soon!

Best regards,

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